Reliable offers pipe fabrication services through both company-owned fabrication facilities and through third-party partners.

Fabrication services include threaded pipe and welded pipe and may be submitted using HydraCAD’s™ HydraLIST™ software (HLF format). Pipe jobs are printed for shop fabrication inclusive of lists, sketches, and labels. Pipe is bundled by identification, wrapped, and color-coded.

Plain or plated rod can be cut to length and assembled with fastener and right. Hanger assemblies are bagged, palletized, wrapper identified, and color-coded.

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Image for Thread Line Piping

Thread Line Piping


  • Pipe is gravity fed into measuring system, then roll cut to length and label is applied
  • Pipe is then gravity fed to Landis threading machines
  • Thread are cut to ANSI/ASTM B 1.20.1 then checked by ANSI standard ring gauges
  • PipeFit AS anaerobic thread sealant with Teflon is applied
  • Thread fittings are assembled to the pipe
  • Assembled Pipe is gravity fed to the PACE make on machine then hydraulically torqued to ANSI specifications
  • Line piping is separated by the number inclusive of all diameters then tied in easy to handle groups
  • Master bundles are color coded and marked with the line number contents
  • 2′-6′ and under bagged pieces contents are marked, palletized, shrink wrapped, identified and color coded
Image for Welding Pipe

Welding Pipe


  • Pipe is gravity fed into the N.A.P. Quick cut measuring system and cut to length
  • Pipe is labeled and color coded
  • Cut end is then flapper disc chambered, then gravity fed to PACE hydraulic roll groove machine
  • Groove depth and flare are checked with pipe tape in the case of galvanized pipe, then flaking is removed internally by die grinding and external removed by flapper disc
  • Galvanized pipe end is sprayed with cold galvanizing internally and externally
  • Pipe is then gravity fed to the N.A.P. Universal Welder
  • Outlets welded to galvanized pipe are galvanized cold sprayed
  • Weld coupons are removed, bagged and stored
  • Blast cannon removes all dust and dirt from inside of pipe
  • Welds are die penetrate and developer tested
  • Pipe is bundled by identification wrapped and color coded
Image for Hangers



  • Plain or Plated rod can be cut to length and assembled with fastener and ring
  • Hanger assemblies are grouped, tied and tagged by the identification number
  • Hangers are bagged, palletized, wrapper identified and color coded

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