Special Hazards Fire Suppression

Reliable is proud to deliver both high-quality fire protection equipment and premier customer service. Over a century of dedicated effort has gone into refining our expertise, cementing our reputation as an industry-trusted name. Reliable’s equipment is proudly manufactured in the USA, serving as a testament to our dedication to exceptional craftsmanship.

Each fire protection requirement is unique—that’s why Reliable’s team offers a thorough consultation tailored to your specific needs. Leveraging our extensive experience, we will assess your facility’s layout, navigate complex regulatory considerations, and identify potential risks. This comprehensive evaluation serves as the foundation for our recommendations, ensuring that the solution we propose is the optimal fit for your particular circumstances.

Reliably Solved

The search for the right fire protection solution can be a maze, especially when it comes to highly specific use cases. Niche special hazards like lithium-ion battery storage and tunnel protection often require a tailored approach that standard solutions simply can’t provide. That’s where our consultative process can help. With Reliable, you’re not just buying a product, you’re securing a partner who understands the intricacies of your requirements, and will recommend tailored solutions best suited to your needs.

Featured Solutions 

Lithium-Ion Battery Storage 

The LB11 HSW In-rack Sprinkler is a true game changer for safeguarding your storage. It’s the first of its kind to be rigorously tested and effectively proven to protect against the unique fire risks posed by the storage of lithium-ion batteries. Plus, it’s also the only horizontal sidewall sprinkler that is UL listed for protection of storage in racks, increasing flexibility in the configuration of your storage space. 

Watch for yourself as our team puts the LB11 HSW In-rack Sprinkler to the test. We set fire to lithium-ion batteries within a warehouse, where they were being stored in racks.

Fluorine-Free Foam 

In a world where environmental responsibility is critical, our collaboration with Solberg brings you SOLBERG® RE-HEALING® foam concentrates as the innovative answer for eco-conscious firefighting. Commonly used in high-risk environments like airplane hangars, these foam solutions provide rapid and reliable fire control, safeguarding valuable assets.

SOLBERG RF3 fluorine-free foam concentrate has proven performance for flame knockdown, fire control, and extinguishing time on hydrocarbon fuels. RF3 is UL Listed with bladder tanks, proportioners, and Reliable fire sprinklers. With matching sprinkler system application rates to AFFF, RF3 is the right choice as an environmentally responsible alternative for protecting hydrocarbon hazards. Reliable offers a full complement of fire sprinklers and valves for use in foam systems, so you can source your entire system directly from us.

Deluge Systems for Tunnels

Fire can escalate quickly in vehicle tunnels, due to the enclosed nature of the space, and the likely fuel sources. Deluge systems are the ultimate defense for this use case. Deluge systems consist of water supply, a valve, a system of piping and nozzles that are open to atmosphere, and a means of detection and actuation. When the deluge valve is activated, water flows through all nozzles controlled by the valve. Unlike automatic sprinkler systems, where water flows only through individual sprinklers that have activated close to the heat source, deluge systems are designed to “surround and drown” an entire zone to prevent the spread of fire in hazardous environments.

The Reliable® TNL280 pendent nozzle has been specifically designed to provide an extended coverage nozzle suitable for use in vehicle tunnels. Learn more about the nozzle in our case study, or in the video below.

Featured Products

PrePaK™ Systems

Reliable’s patented PrePaK™ systems include cabinet-enclosed, factory-assembled preaction, dry, and deluge systems. Save floor space with all accessories in a compact cabinet.

Deluge Valves

Protect high-hazard with robust fire fighting systems. Deluge systems utilize open nozzles or open sprinklers, and require a detection and release system.

Valves for Foam Systems

Reliable offers a full complement of valves for use in foam systems. This includes deluge system valves and wet system valves.


Reliable is committed to maintaining high-quality standards and manufacturing practices. Our certifications underscore this dedication to quality and environmental responsibility on a global scale. 

ISO9001 Certified 

Liberty SC Manufacturing HQ & Internationally

ISO14001 Certified



PrePaK™ Webinar 

Take a deep dive into the mechanics of Reliable’s PrePaK™ units.

Podcast Episode 

Listen in as our fire protection experts explore the world of preaction systems.

Contact an Expert

If you’re ready to find the right system for your storage facility, connect with us directly for one-on-one consultative support. We will talk through all of the technical details and find the right solution together. 

Reliable fire protection starts here—we can’t wait to put our expertise to work for you. 


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