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Our Live Webcast series is presented on a quarterly basis and hosted by experts from our Technical Services team. All live webcasts are recorded and can be viewed below.

Certificates for one (1) contact hour of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) will be provided for those who attend the live webcast. You must also be logged into Microsoft® Teams with your name and email address to receive the credits. For information on setting up a Free Teams work accountclick here

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Join Reliable’s Sam Schwander and Perimeter Solutions’ Mark Siem on June 12th, 2024 for a joint webinar on foam-water fire protection and the transition to fluorine-free foams.

More information coming soon!


Reliable Groundbreaking Work on Fire Protection of Lithium-ion Batteries: Developing and Testing the LB11

Lithium-ion battery fires are a hot topic. A common question is what the proper fire protection for lithium-ion batteries is. Reliable’s engineers have been working to answer this question. Join Phil FridayMatt Rouleau, SET, and Ken Quist to discuss this unique hazard and the product design and development engineering for the industry’s first horizontal sidewall sprinkler listed for storage. The large-scale fire test series with lithium-ion batteries will also be reviewed.

Archive of this webcast can be viewed is being uploaded to youtube now, listing will be coming soon!

Special Sprinklers and What Makes them Special?

Brandon Telford’s presentation provides an introductory look at products known as special sprinklers. Specifically, the class will identify what differentiates a special sprinkler, what types of special sprinklers exist, and where they are used.

An archive of this webcast can be viewed HERE.

Storage Fire Protection Strategies in Modern Warehouses

This presentation reviews the history of ceiling only fire protection strategies and large scale testing that supports it. It also reviews the state of the art in ceiling only and in-rack protection options and the large scale test data that supports it. 

Watch the Archived webcast HERE.

Cary Webber Presents: Knot Your Everyday Sprinkler Drop

In this presentation, Reliable Technical Services Director Cary Webber discusses the history of flexible sprinkler drops, compares and contrasts UL Listing and FM Approval requirements, and reviews design considerations and best practices.

Click HERE for the archived event!

Live from the Liberty Flow Lab: Sprinkler Demonstration and Discussion

Join us live from Liberty, South Carolina in Reliable’s engineering flow lab! We will compare and contrast sprinkler spray patterns – from 1940s conventional to modern-day residential, storage, and special sprinklers.

This event was recorded on March 17th, 2021, to view it click HERE!

Window Protection Sprinklers: Industry-Leading Performance

In our continued Live Webcast Series, Brandon will discuss the application and design of Model WP Series Window Sprinklers that are used with fixed glazed assemblies to create a cULus Listed alternative to a fire-rated wall. Recent developments with the product line include the industry’s best flat-plate concealed version and issuance of our ICC-ES report.

This live webcast was recorded on December 16th, 2020 and can be viewed here or on YouTube.

Beyond the Pipe: Corrosion Resistant Sprinklers, What Can and Cannot Be Done

Corrosion of piping has received a great deal of attention over the past decade or so. In this webinar, Cary Webber (Reliable Director of Technical Services) will discuss the requirements of the two major listing agencies (UL and FM) as well as NFPA 13 and 25, regarding the very specific issue of fire sprinkler corrosion.

This live webcast was recorded on October 14th, 2020 and can be viewed her or on YouTube.

Brandon Telford Presents: Attic Sprinkler Protection Using Special Sprinklers, Part 1 of 2

In the first of this two-part series, Reliable Technical Services Manager Brandon Telford will discuss the basic concepts and Special Sprinklers used for the protection of attic spaces. In part two, currently scheduled for September 16th, we will discuss installation and hydraulic calculation details.

This live webcast was recorded on August 19th and can be viewed on YouTube HERE.

Brandon Telford Presents: Attic Sprinkler Protection Using Special Sprinklers, Part 2 of 2

In part two of this two-part series, Brandon Telford, Technical Services Manager, will discuss Reliable Attic Special Sprinklers and various protection schemes offered by them.

This live webcast was recorded on September 16th, 2020 and can be viewed on YouTube HERE.

George Nicola Presents: Combustible Concealed Space Sprinklers

Join George as he discusses how combustible concealed spaces as described by NFPA 13 present unique fire protection challenges. In this seminar, George explains how the KFR-CCS sprinkler effectively and efficiently protects these spaces.

This live webcast was recorded on July 1st, 2020 and can be viewed on YouTube. To learn more about our KFR-CCS click HERE.

In-Rack Options Independent of Ceiling Design

Cary Webber, Director of Technical Services compares and contrasts the three options available in the 2019 edition of NFPA 13 for in-rack protection schemes.

This live webcast was recorded on April 22nd, 2020 and can be viewed on YouTube.

Valves and Systems

A Live Dive into Reliable’s PrePaK

A live dive into the Reliable PrePaK, and an update on recent Seismic certification by the California Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development, also known as OSHPD.

This webcast was recorded on February 17th, 2021 and can be viewed by clicking HERE.

The Need for Speed: What to Expect from Your QOD

Scott Hanson, Technical Services Manager, will take a deep dive into the concepts and mechanics of the accelerator (aka quick opening device) and provide best practice tips for the design of large capacity dry pipe systems.

The live webcast was recorded on October 28th, 2020 and can be watched here or on YouTube.

Scott Hanson Presents: NFPA Requirements for Pneumatic Sources

Reliable Technical Services Manager, Scott Hanson (South Dakota), will review NFPA requirements for pneumatic (air and nitrogen) sources for dry and preaction systems, discuss equipment options, and provide best-practice recommendations.

This live webcast was recorded on August 5th and can be viewed HERE.

Applications and Codes

There’s Nothing Ordinary about Extra Hazard

Take a fresh look at design requirements for Extra Hazard Occupancies! Recent investments in the manufacturing sector are driving many new Extra Hazard projects. In this session, Technical Services Director George Nicola will refresh your knowledge of ‘traditional’ EH products, and teach you about recent products targeted at modern EH applications.

The archive of this webcast currently on teams but is also being uploaded to youtube, we will provide a link when ready.

What’s new in ’22!

Join Reliable Director of Technical Services Cary Webber for what you NEED to know to navigate changes to the 2022 edition of NFPA13.

Click HERE to watch an archived version of this webcast.

Join Steven Wolin, Reliable VP of Product Technology, and Wes Baker of FM Global, on November 17th as they discuss Updates to Data Sheet 8-9 for Storage. 

Click HERE to watch the archive recorded on November 17th, 2021!

ESFR Obstructions: Changes to NFPA 13

This webcast was recorded on May 19th, 2021. Watch ESFR Obstruction – Changes to NFPA 13 2022!

Basics of NFPA 15: Water Spray Fixed Systems

In this webinar, we’ll look at some common applications of fixed water spray systems, as well as the basic requirements of NFPA 15 and FM Data Sheet 4-1N. We will also have a sneak peek the new Reliable Model MV nozzle line along with an exciting new tool for fixed spray system design.

This live webcast was recorded on April 21st, 2021, click HERE to view it!

Watch those flues! New Rules in FM Data Sheet 8-9 and proposed changes for the 2022 edition of NFPA 13 that might bite you.

This webcast was recorded on January 20th, 2021 at 11am and can be watched here or on YouTube.

Reliable Presents: FM Data Sheet 8-9 Interim Revision Explained

Join Reliable’s Steve Wolin and FM Global’s Wes Baker for a discussion about recently released interim revisions to FM Data Sheet 8-9.

This live webcast was recorded on September 30th, 2020 and can be viewed here or on YouTube.

Brandon Telford Presents: Automatic Storage and Retrieval Systems (ASRS)

Reliable Technical Services Manager Brandon Telford (Delaware) will review the protection of Automatic Storage and Retrieval Systems (ASRS) from the perspective of FM Data Sheet 8-34. What are the trends, what are the issues, and what are the solutions?

This live webcast was recorded on September 2nd, 2020, and can be viewed HERE.

Cary Webber and Jake Lehmann Present: Basics of Data Center Fire Protection

Cary and Jake will discuss the basic decisions that need to be made prior to costing, designing, and installing reliable, long-lasting, and low-maintenance fire protection systems for data centers.

This live webcast was recorded on June 17th, 2020 and can also be viewed on YouTube. Learn more about our PrePaK Systems HERE.

Steve Wolin Presents: Solutions for Tunnel Protection

Steve Wolin, Vice President of Product Technology will discuss the need for tunnel fire protection systems, tunnel design standards, and a case study on the development of an innovative nozzle for tunnel fire protection.

This live webcast was recorded on June 3rd, 2020 and can also be viewed on YouTube. To learn more about our Tunnel Case Study click HERE.

Transmisión en Vivo

Antonio Luis Presenta: Requerimientos neumáticos de la NFPA para sistemas secos y preacción

El Gerente de Servicios Técnicos de Reliable, Antonio Luis (Sur de los EEUU y Latinoamérica), revisará los requisitos de la NFPA para las fuentes neumáticas (aire y nitrógeno) para sistemas secos y de preacción, discutirá las opciones de equipos y brindará recomendaciones de las mejores prácticas.

Este webcast se grabó el 18 de Noviembre de 2020 y se puede ver AQUÍ.

Antonio Luis presenta: Opciones de Rociadores Intermedios Independientes del Diseño en el Cielorraso

En este webcast, el Sr.Luis compara y contrasta las tres opciones disponibles en la edición 2019 de NFPA 13 para los esquemas de protección entre racks que no requieren que la demanda del sistema de los rociadores intermedios se agregue o se equilibre con el sistema en el cielorraso.

Este webcast se grabó el 15 de julio de 2020 y se puede ver AQUÍ.

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