Spray Distribution Patterns


Distribution Patterns:

  • The distribution patterns are provided to illustrate the approximate water spray trajectories for various Reliable sprinklers at pressures of 7, 15 and 30 psi, unless otherwise noted. However, it must be emphasized that Reliable sprinklers must be installed according to the pertinent National and Local Fire Codes, Standards and Installation Rules, all of which are considered to be minimum requirements for sprinkler system installations. If Reliable’s sprinklers are not installed accordingly, the listing, approvals and warranties are not valid.
  • The minimum requirements for water distribution from sprinklers (i.e., densities, areas of coverage, horizontal and vertical obstructions) are primarily provided in National Standards. These are the requirements that must be satisfied when designing sprinkler placements; whereas, the following distribution profile patterns are only for information.
  • For our Residential Sprinklers Wall Wetting Patterns, please refer to Bulletin 007.


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