Green Policy

25th March 2021 – ISO 14001-2015 Certification

December 2017

Dear Valued Customer,

Reliable Automatic Sprinkler Co., Inc. is pursuing a GREEN POLICY. We are committed to protecting our environment by developing products that use recycled materials that reduce the use of natural resources. The purpose of this letter is to highlight Reliable’s use of recycled products.

Our fire sprinkler and valve product lines are manufactured using primarily recycled materials. The exact amount will vary based on the type and size of the specific item, and the variety of components and finishes used.

On average by weight, sprinklers are made from 92% to 98% recycled material, which is typically 95% post-industrial and 5% post-consumer.

Valves are made from 95% to 99% recycled material, which is also typically 95% post-industrial and 5% post-consumer.

Should you have questions regarding a specific product or products, please contact your local Customer Order Department.

Thank you for your continued interest in Reliable products.



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