Wood Grain and Custom Cover Plates

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Choose from twelve standard wood grain finishes or custom print your design

Printed cover plates are compatible with Reliable’s most popular flat plate concealed pendent and sidewall sprinklers for residential and commercial applications.

Reliable's set of twelve standard printed wood grain finishes for cover plates.
Twelve Standard Wood Grain Finishes

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G5 Cover Plate

  • RFC Residential Concealed Pendent
  • RFC49plus Residential Flat Plate Concealed Sprinklers with ONE inch of cover plate adjustement
  • G5 Standard Coverage Quick and Standard Response Pendent
  • G5-56 Dry Standard Coverage Quick and Standard Response Dry Pendent
  • G4-XLO Quick Response Extended Coverage Light and Ordinary Hazard Pendent
  • LT56C Quick Response Special Corridor/Hallway Pendent
  • G4 Standard Coverage Standard Response Pendent
  • G4-300 Series High Pressure Concealed Pendent Sprinklers
  • WP56C Window Protection Flat Concealed Pendent Vertical Sidewall

G6 Cover Plate

  • G6-56 Standard Coverage Quick Response Horizontal Sidewall
  • G6-80 Quick Response Extended Coverage Light Hazard Horizontal Sidewall

RFS Cover Plate

  • RFS42 Residential Concealed Horizontal Sidewall

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