Attic Protection

Reliable Attic Sprinklers provide protection of combustible and non-combustible light hazard concealed spaces with roof slopes of 4:12 to 8:12. 

Validated by actual fire testing, the Reliable Attic Sprinkler system features:

  • Industry-leading coverage areas
  • Fewer branch lines and sprinklers required
  • cULus Listed for dry pipe systems with steel pipe or wet pipe systems with steel or CPVC pipe
  • Sprinklers feature rugged 212 °F (100 °C) fusible link operating element – no bulb protector required

Attic Protection Instructional Videos

Part 1: Attic protection in NFPA 13.

Above is part 1 of a 2 part seminar series that will offer a look at the different options available for protecting attic spaces using standard spray automatic fire sprinklers and the benefits of choosing Specific Application Attic Sprinklers.  

Part 2: Protecting attics with special sprinklers.

The second seminar in the series, part 2 of a 2, will cover basic terminology and definitions of roof construction, protection using dual direction (DD) attic ridge sprinklers, protection using direction single (DS) attic ridge sprinklers, and extending ridge protection using general purpose (GP) attic sprinklers.

Brandon Telford is a NICET certified fire sprinkler professional with over 20 years’ progressive experience in project management, technical sales, and technical service positions in both the contracting and manufacturing sectors.

MODEL DS56 Single Direction Sprinklers throw a long narrow pattern in one direction from the ridge toward the eave. Back-to-back applications are possible when used with a separation.

MODEL DD56 and DD80 Dual Direction Sprinklers throw a long narrow pattern in two directions from the ridge toward the eave. A single row of sprinklers is installed at the peak of the attic.

MODEL AH42 and AH56 Attic Hip Sprinklers are used to protect hip ends of attics and for other attic areas beyond the protection of the DS and DD sprinklers. No hydraulic design area adjustment is required for roof slope.

MODEL GP56 General Purpose Sprinklers are used to extend the coverage of DS and DD sprinklers, and to provide protection of attic areas outside the scope of applications the DD and DS Sprinklers.


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