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Introducing the LB11 Horizontal Sidewall Storage Sprinkler

First sidewall storage sprinkler for the protection of Lithium-ion manufacturing and storage.

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Li-Ion Battery fire image
Image of LB11 sidewall sprinkler for LI-ion battery storage protection

Introducing the LB11 sidewall storage sprinkler for the protection of Lithium-ion manufacturing and storage.

Protection of Lithium-ion cell formation areas

  • UL Specific Application Listing for Class I-IV and Group A Plastic Commodities
  • Additional full-scale fire testing with rack storage of 100% state-of-charge lithium-ion batteries
  • K11.2 (160) HSW storage sprinkler with robust 212° F (100° C) thermal element
  • The ONLY horizontal sidewall sprinkler Listed for protection of in-rack storage

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Lithium-ion battery fires are a hot topic. A common question is what the right fire protection for lithium-ion batteries is. Reliable’s engineers have been working to answer this question. Join Phil Friday, Matt Rouleau, Ken Quist, and Steve Wolin as they discuss this unique hazard and the product design and development engineering for the industry’s first horizontal sidewall sprinkler listed for storage. The large-scale fire test series with lithium-ion batteries will also be reviewed. 

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